It was very comforting to be picked up at the airports by the CAT people. Especially Luis in Lima was outstanding!
Marga Foote,
South Africa
Marc Harrison Travel Specialist & Team Leader

Why should I choose CAT?

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  • Marc-André & Gisèle Théorêt from Canada to Argentina
  • CAT TRAVEL is a Fantastic Tour Organizer!

    My wife and I decided last March to spend three weeks in Argentina. We had our return airline tickets, but no itinerary scheduled once in BA. I found CAT Travel advertising on the South American Explorers Society Web Page and got in touch. We had never planned a trip this way and we have been around (check WorldTraveler2540 on Trip Advisor...).

    The CAT staff was prompt to reply to our inquiry. Pablo asked us what places we wanted to see (BA, Iguazu, Bariloche, Calafate and Ushuaia) and if we were anticipating any activities.  We asked him to plan a private tour, with personal driver and French speaking guide (not easy to find in Argentina); we asked him to add some adventure in it. After a few emails, we decided to go with CAT; Pablo was so efficient and available that we decided to trust them. This was the first time we were booking such a long trip on the net so we were a bit anxious but decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed.  As soon as we landed in BA, we were taken care of by Gilda, their French speaking guide. We were then to visit Buenos Aires and its surroundings, an Estancia, an evening in a tango hall etc. We went boating at Iguazu falls, trekking and kayaking in Bariloche, fly fishing in Calafate, etc. 

    In few words, we had a WONDERFUL TRIP and would not hesitate to recommend Pablo and CAT Travel for anybody wishing to travel to South America. Thanks again!

    Marc-André and Gisèle Théorêt,
    Montreal, Canada
  • David & Marcia Campbell from United States to Peru

  • Marcia and I are flying back to the states. We had a great tour of Peru. All of our guides and drivers were great. We both appreciate the work you did to customize the itinerary for us.

    In short, we had a great vacation where we were able to see everything we had on our list and more!
  • The Glenn Family from United States to Argentina
  • Dear Marc and Elin,

    We have been back in the US for a week, and the awe of our experiences is still very much a reality.

    Our "Once-In-A-Lifetime Patagonian Experience" was all I could have dreamed of and more. Every detail was taken care of, and all of our guides for the excursions were perfect. Before the trip, having communicated more with Elin, and a bit with Marc, I am sure that you both realized I can be "high-maintenance". You listened to my requests, and certainly made every effort to furnish the best available.

    Our suites at the Los Sauces Casa Patagonia and the Llao Llao Resort were absolutely fantastic.
    The corner suite at the Llao Llao definitely was one of the best rooms, with the best view in the resort. In fact, on the day that I kayaked back to the resort, I had a view from the lake and decided that our rooms were exactly what I would have chosen as the best.

    Please know that I could not be more pleased with your care and execution of the plan for this incredible adventure.

    How can I thank you enough?
    You have a lifetime fan.

    Thank you.  Thank you.  Thank you…
  • Lisa & Bob Douglas from United States to Brazil & Peru
  • Dear CAT Travel ,
    Some might say it’s too risky to use an internet travel guide agency, but there was no risk involved in our trip or itinerary.  All through the planning for our wonderful trip, we had responsive, informative, and personal advice from our South America Specialist Marcos.  Starting with the suggested itinerary from the CAT website, I worked closely with Marcos to customize an independent, adventurous schedule for 12 days in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru that let us see and experience everything that was important to us.
    The contacts who met us in each city or town ensured that were never lacked for anything.  When I once accidentally left my vouchers in a transport van, I called late at night and by the next day the local contacts had everything worked out.  All our country contracts were energetic, friendly, supportive, punctual, informative English speaking people who were very capable and acted very interested in us.  Magali in Cusco and Malilia in Lima were absolutely incredible.
    We selected the boutique lodging option and never had any worries about any of our hotels.  All were clean and charming, included huge and wonderful breakfasts, and were very willing to assist us.
    We fell in love with Brazil and Peru and are certain we will travel back.  When we do, we will use Class Adventure Travel.  Thanks for your generosity.

    Lisa and Bob Douglas
  • Helen & Peter Rosenblum from United States to Brazil
  • Hi Montse,

    Thank you, everything went very well! The guides who picked us up at various airports were very helpful, even beyond the transfers. We had a wonderful time at Carnival in Rio de Janeiro, loved the hotel in Argentina, and the extra sights visited with our guide in Iguazu (bird santuary and the Itaipu dam).

    In Salvador we really enjoyed the vibrant atmosphere. Morro de Sao Paolo was interesting and the hotel was great. The Juma Lodge was very enjoyable and quite the jungle experience. Our guide here was very helpful, and even found a guitar for Peter to relax with and enjoy with our friends in the bar at night.

    Thanks again for everything!

    Photo by Peter Rosenblum
  • Ed and Marilyn Kokubun from United States to Peru & Easter Island (Chile)
  • Hi Sarah,

    We first learned of CAT through a friend who had just returned from a Machu Picchu trip organized by CAT. This friend had such great experiences working with CAT that it was clear that we had to choose CAT when it came time to plan our trip. We have traveled to Asia, Europe, and across North America and can report that this trip to South America is amongst the best travel experiences that we have had. A crucial factor in the success of our trip was the exceptional service delivered by CAT in all aspects from planning, guidance, arrangements, and logistics. We found CAT so extremely efficient, reliable and helpful during our trip that we did not have to worry or be concerned with logistics allowing us to focus and enjoy all that Easter Island and Peru had to offer.

    In closing, we are extremely pleased and very satisfied with how CAT has helped us with this epic trip. When we first started planning this trip a year ago, it was all about getting to Machu Picchu. We now know that Machu Picchu is only one aspect of Peru and that the country has so much more to explore. Similarly, the Moai represents just a single chapter in the long and sometimes tragic history of Rapa Nui. We are grateful to CAT for helping us develop our understanding of these cultures. We definitely look forward to future adventures with CAT and will watch your website and email updates for new travel options.

    Ed and Marilyn
  • Greg & Mary from United States to Peru, Brazil & Argentina
  • Hey Guys,

    Hope you are doing well! Marc, we really appreciate you meeting with us and giving us a tour around Buenos Aires. Thanks again for the wine and chocolates. We haven't had a chance to drink the wine yet, but we definitely will! We also appreciate the room upgrades. We were going to try and upgrade our room in Rio, but the lady at the front desk told us it was taken care of already. Thank you for everything you guys did. All of the small details were definitely noticed and greatly appreciated. We had an amazing time at our honeymoon, and everything went smoothly.

    We will be definitely recommending CAT to our friends.

    Thanks again for everything.

    Greg and Mary
  • Ulisses Gutierrez from United States to Argentina
  • We found the CAT service to be very organized and easy to work with. Our tour guides were friendly and professional, and we found our hotels to be located in good and safe locations. Everything went very smoothly except for the country going on a national strike in the middle of our vacation, but we only lost one day which was understandable. Overall we had a great trip and would definitely use CAT again in the future.
  • George & Nellie Lee from Singapore to Argentina, Brazil & Peru
  • Dear Montserrat & Marc,

    My wife and I returned home to Singapore exactly 7 days took us that long to "recuperate"..from the best holiday of our lives!

    You guys did a great job putting the travel plans together. Your guides/agents, esp Wilson at Iguazzu and Pascual at Machu Picchu were incredibly accommodating, patient and knowledgeable. We will surely recommend you all to friends and family. And as words will never capture the beauty of this holiday, let us attach a photo here that says it all with a caption that reads... "We flew like the great Andean condors!"

    Muchas gracias! Nellie and George Lee
  • Susan Adler from United States to Peru, Costa Rica
  • Our Costa Rica and Peru trips were perfect! Class Adventure Travel booked us with people and adventures that were so special in so many ways. The eco lodges and the guides were incredible and imparted so much knowledge and respect for their ecosystems and cultures.  It was heartwarming to "give back" to those whose land we came to visit - as opposed to a "Marriot" or other worldwide chain full of people all trained the same way and not necessarily from the region.  This trip was full of adventure and eye-opening flora and fauna, as well as wonderful proud, engaging people.

    A big thank you to everyone at CAT and Alex in particular, for all the for all the hours of work and years of investigating to find these magnificent places and people!


    Susan, Kent, Ben and Elyse