Everything was wonderful, its one of the best trips we have had.
Poonam Davis,
United States
Marc Harrison Travel Specialist & Team Leader

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  • Marc-André & Gisèle Théorêt from Canada to Argentina
  • CAT TRAVEL is a Fantastic Tour Organizer!

    My wife and I decided last March to spend three weeks in Argentina. We had our return airline tickets, but no itinerary scheduled once in BA. I found CAT Travel advertising on the South American Explorers Society Web Page and got in touch. We had never planned a trip this way and we have been around (check WorldTraveler2540 on Trip Advisor...). The CAT staff was prompt to reply to our inquiry. Pablo asked us what places we wanted to see (BA, Iguazu, Bariloche, Calafate and Ushuaia) and if we were anticipating any activities.  We asked him to plan a private tour, with personal driver and French speaking guide (not easy to find in Argentina); we asked him to add some adventure in it. After a few emails, we decided to go with CAT; Pablo was so efficient and available that we decided to trust them.  This was the first time we were booking such a long trip on the net so we were a bit anxious but decided to give it a try. We were not disappointed.  As soon as we landed in BA, we were taken care of by Gilda, their French speaking guide. We were then to visit Buenos Aires and its surroundings, an Estancia, an evening in a tango hall etc. We went boating at Iguazu falls, trekking and kayaking in Bariloche, fly fishing in Calafate, etc.  In few words, we had a WONDERFUL TRIP and would not hesitate to recommend Pablo and CAT Travel for anybody wishing to travel to South America. Thanks again!

    Marc-André and Gisèle Théorêt,
    Montreal, Canada
  • Lisa & Bob Douglas from United States to Brazil & Peru
  • Dear CAT Travel ,
    Some might say it’s too risky to use an internet travel guide agency, but there was no risk involved in our trip or itinerary.  All through the planning for our wonderful trip, we had responsive, informative, and personal advice from our South America Specialist Marcos.  Starting with the suggested itinerary from the CAT website, I worked closely with Marcos to customize an independent, adventurous schedule for 12 days in Brazil, Argentina, and Peru that let us see and experience everything that was important to us.
    The contacts who met us in each city or town ensured that were never lacked for anything.  When I once accidentally left my vouchers in a transport van, I called late at night and by the next day the local contacts had everything worked out.  All our country contracts were energetic, friendly, supportive, punctual, informative English speaking people who were very capable and acted very interested in us.  Magali in Cusco and Malilia in Lima were absolutely incredible.
    We selected the boutique lodging option and never had any worries about any of our hotels.  All were clean and charming, included huge and wonderful breakfasts, and were very willing to assist us.
    We fell in love with Brazil and Peru and are certain we will travel back.  When we do, we will use CAT Travel.  Thanks for your generosity.

    Lisa and Bob Douglas
  • Jane Veerachanavirut from United States to Peru, Argentina & Brazil
  • Our trip was amazing!  Thank you to everyone on the CAT team for flawlessly planning and executing our trip.  Even when our flights were delayed, there was no hiccup and everything went smoothly.  We were really impressed with the service, friendliness, and how professional everyone was.  Your service from start to finish was exceptional!  Thank you Marcos for answering all our questions (and we had lots of them).  Even the staff at the hotels we stayed were friendly, helpful, and personal (Solar Soler Bed & Breakfast in Buenos Aires, Casa San Blas Boutique Hotel in Cuzco, and Hotel La Cabana in Aguas Caliente).  Thank you CAT for creating such a great and memorable vacation for us.  We will definitely recommend you to our friends or use your service again!
  • Ulisses Gutierrez from United States to Argentina
  • We found the CAT service to be very organized and easy to work with. Our tour guides were friendly and professional, and we found our hotels to be located in good and safe locations. Everything went very smoothly except for the country going on a national strike in the middle of our vacation, but we only lost one day which was understandable. Overall we had a great trip and would definitely use CAT again in the future.
  • Dr. Venkat and Mrs. Janaki kanubaddi from United States to Peru, Brazil, Argentina
  • Dear CAT Travel,

    The "Best of South America" trip that our group of 4 have taken in October 2012 is One of the Best ever, in our tours of different continents. This could not have been possible without the expert and very congenial help of Ms. Elin, our Travel Specialist and Ms. Montse, our Concierge and Travel Supervisor. We thank them for everything they did to make our trip very memorable and fabulous. We had very wonderful and breathtaking experiences especially at Iguazu Falls and all of Peru--Cusco, Sacred Valley and majestic Machu Pichu.
    Here are some of the Highlights of our Trip --
    Rio de Janeiro : The grand view of the Christ the Redeemer statue and the Valley is breathtaking. It is certainly One of the New 7 wonders of the World.

    Iguazu Falls : The Grand view from the Brazilian side is phenomenal. Enjoyed the rafting under the Falls on the Argentian side very much. Our private tour Guide Ana is exceptional in coordinating everything to the minutest detail including the Cultural show at night.

    Buenos Aires : The City tour and the tour of Tigre delta were wonderful. For us, the spiritual visit to Sathya Sai Center of Uriarte had been very special and memorable, for all the Love of Selfless service they do and the Divine Love that we experienced.

    Peru : Everything in Cusco, Sacred Valley and the majestic Machu Pichu is beyond wonderful. The Spiritual energy is very palpable everywhere. Our Private guides-- Mariela at Lima, Rosie and Vilda at Cusco and Sacred Valley, and Pascual at Machu Pichu-- are very caring and wonderful. All 4 of us were able to climb Wayna Pichu mountain, see the breathtaking beauty of the entire Machu Pichu valley and appreciate the glory of God's Creation. It reminded us of the Spiritual beauty of Himalayas. The Train ride from Sacred Valley to Machu Pichu through the Andes mountain range was phenomenal and breathtaking as well.
    All the Hotels that we were accommodated at different places were very comfortable and made our travel very relaxed. Of special mention is Casa Andina hotel in Sacred valley for its beautiful location and wonderful service.
    For any travelers that intend to take this "Best of South America" tour, we very strongly recommend the exceptional travel services of CAT Travel. If you are are lucky enough, you may be able to get the very congenial and exceptional services of Ms. Elin and Ms. Montse.

    Dr. Venkat and Mrs. Janaki Kanubaddi
  • Poonam Davis from United States to Peru
  • Hello Neira,

    We had a wonderful time in Peru, JP assisted us and listened to my concerns about our travels (for example - my husband cannot sit for a long time).  JP made sure we did not have many long distance car ride journeys without rest.  Every detail was very well taken care of.  My birthday was while we were in Arquipa, the hotel moved us to the honeymoon suite and sent us a bottle of wine, which I am sure JP must have advised them.  Everything was wonderful, its one of the best trips we have had.
    Thank you, 
  • Scott Piercy from United States to Galapagos and Peru
  • Dear CAT Travel,
    Thanks for following up on our vacation. The trip was incredible. Jane and I both appreciate the work the CAT put into the planning.
    On the trip down to Ecuador, everything went perfectly as planned. We were met at the airport in Guayaquil and taken to our hotel. They were expecting us and had everything ready. The hotel was very nice and on Sunday morning, we were met in the lobby as planned. I can’t say enough about the Cormorant and her crew. The 4 days we spent on the boat were incredible and exceeded our expectations. The boat was only 5 weeks old at the time we boarded and was very nice. The food was exceptional and the crew was incredibly helpful. My only wish is that we had the time to spend 7 days on the boat.
    When we arrived in Lima, Rosa met us outside baggage claim and gave us the vouchers and other paperwork for the trip to Cusco. She was very helpful and the trip went perfectly. When we arrived in Cusco, Rosie was waiting for us outside baggage claim and took us to our hotel.
    The Inkaterra La Cosana is a beautiful hotel and our stay was great. I would recommend this hotel to anyone. Our guide in Cusco and The Sacred Valley was named Jeremy and he was exceptional. His English was very good and his knowledge of the sites was outstanding.
    The train ride to Aguas Caliente was very nice and again, the Inkaterra Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel was incredible. Our guide at Machu Picchu was also exceptional. When we arrived back in Ollantaytambo, we were met as expected and the ride back to Cusco was great. Our boarding passes for the flight to Lima were waiting at the hotel when we got there.
    Rosie met us on the last day and took us to the airport. Again, she did a great job and made everything easy.  
    I want everyone at CAT to know how much we enjoyed the trip. All of the arrangements were fantastic.  We would not hesitate to recommend Class Adventure Travel to anyone.  Please let me know if you have any questions.
    Scott Piercy
  • Kathy Hendel from United States to Peru
  • Dear Class Adventure Travel,

    My husband and I decided to take a 21-day trip to Peru. We looked at many travel agencies and decided to use Class Adventure Travel. I started to e-mail them and Jeremy from the agency responded via e- mail and phone. He was happy to work with me to arrange the trip that I wanted.

    Our trip started in Lima, Peru. On our third day there, I lost my security pouch that contained my passport, money, credit cards etc. We called the Lima US embassy's emergency number and left a message about the lost passport. We also called Class Adventure Travel's emergency number and told Jasmine the story. She reassured us that all would be well, that we should continue our travels with a copy of my passport and migration card (Peru travel permit needed to stay at any hotel in Peru), and a copy of the police report. At every city we went to, a guide from Class Adventure Travel would meet us (always on time ) and would be aware of the situation. They would help us get into the hotels, on to the next mode of transportation ( one must show one's passport or id card to travel on a bus, train, or plane), and make the local guides aware of the problem. Jasmine had to rearrange several days of our trip so that we could be in Cusco on a Friday to go to the consulate there and put in my paperwork for a passport.

    The CAT guide in Cusco met us and explained how she would take us to the consulate and then to immigration to get the needed papers. She even went out to a place to get my photos changed to the correct size needed while I filled out forms. As I would not be in Lima until the Saturday evening before our plane departed on Sunday to the US, Jasmine was kind enough to go to the US embassy to pick up my passport during the hours that the embassy would be open, and then had the guide deliver it to me at the airport Saturday evening.

    For all this extra work, I was only charged $128.00 for the extra hotel night in Cusco. No charges for all the other transport and tour changes. Nothing for all the extra work that the guides put in helping us . Everyone was very concerned that we were still having a good trip despite my problem. The people who run and work for CAT are the greatest!!

    Also, I should mention that they all were college grads and spoke several languages and were very knowledgeable about Peruvian history, plants, and animals. I have had the good fortune to travel with some good agencies , but these people who work for CAT are the very best!! I highly recommend them to anyone planning a trip to Peru.

    Kathy Hendel
  • Moshe Dlott from United States to Brazil
  • Hi Monteserrat and Laryssa!
    The trip to Brazil was incredible and the tours were wonderful. I didn't realize the importance of finding the right tour guide until Brazil. In Rio we decided to hire a tour from the hotel, and it was awful. The guide barely spoke English (even though we paid extra for English speaking), was rude, and we barely saw the sights and sounds of Rio. We immediately knew then that the extra cost for CAT was worth it!
    We hired CAT for our trip to Chapada Diamanta National Park, that part was extra special to us, because I proposed to my girlfriend right beforehand. Chapada became our engagement-moon, or what you may name it. The park is gorgeous - lush, verdant, massive, spectacular sights, and peaceful. You feel this is how the Earth looked hundreds of millions of years ago, this is where dinosaurs roamed. We hiked for 3 days, and each day was a great hike: our tour guide spoke English well, was extremely friendly, and everything was organized for us! Each day exposed us to a different part of the park, with the intensity of the hikes varying nicely, and at the end, we felt proud and thrilled of how much we were able to explore. Altogether, it was a beautiful, amazing tour, a perfect way to begin our engagement, to begin the rest of our lives together, to begin the first of many, many adventures together.

    Thank you CAT!!
  • Natassia Naccarato from Canada to Peru and Argentina
  • Hi Marc,
    We just got back and had an amazing time! Thank you to your team for making sure our trip was perfect! We were so impressed with how smoothly everything went, from our very prompt drivers and guides to our awesome hotel picks! We loved the mix of private and group tours and it was so nice to have the transportation to hotels and airports pre-arranged so we didn't have to figure those details out ourselves.
    It's hard to sum up our entire experience so I will break it down:
    Cusco: Our hotel was in the perfect location! We were also grateful for our guide who introduced us to Cusco on the ride to our hotel ..and to Wilda who gave us an awesome city tour. We were very impressed with our skillful drivers too who navigated those narrow, night-marish streets with such ease. Despite our fatigue from the change in altitude we really enjoyed this vibrant city!
    Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu: What a nice hotel in Yucay! We had a great tour that day and the restaurant location was so picturesque. Machu Picchu was amazing! We really liked El Mapi hotel...and our guide Marco was awesome. Really glad we were not in a group tour here as it was easier to navigate around the crowds in a private tour. Hard to believe we were actually there when I look at our stunning photos! Also..glad I arranged the hike to Huayna Picchu with you as that was an incredible experience (and challenging).
    Buenos Aires: We have never stayed in such a fancy hotel before!!! Loi Suites was awesome! Gisella and Leo did a great job of showing us the city during our half day tour...we loved the sunshine and had the best steaks of our lives at Las Lilas..super $$$ but our one splurge meal!
    El Calafate: We loooved La Cantera . It had such a relaxed vibe and we had a great view of Lago Argentino. Our two excursions were awesome (although Torres Del Paine was a looooong day trip).
    I have never used a travel company to arrange our trips before as I've used trip advisor and other internet-based reviews...but I would recommend CAT travel to anyone wanting an exciting and well-planned vacation in South America.  Even though it was tiring at times because it was so action-packed..it was completely stress-free! I wouldn't change a thing!
    Thanks again,