We thought it was going to be a 'trip of a lifetime,' but we enjoyed Peru so much, we are saving up for another!
Steve & Barbara Telford,
United Kingdom
Marc Harrison Travel Specialist & Team Leader

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Peru travel guide

Population:  29,496.000

Size:  1,285,216 km2

Capital city: Lima.

Languages: Spanish, plus fifteen indigenous languages.

Famous for: The Incas, excellent cuisine, the Andes.

Popular cuisine: Peru is well known throughout South America for its outstanding and creative cuisine. The national dish is ceviche (raw fish marinated in lemon juice and chili) and seafood in general is excellent. There is a strong traditional Andean influence, featuring a staggering number of different types of potato as well as corn and guinea pig. There is also a significant Chinese influence on Peruvian cuisine and the combination of Chinese recipes prepared with Peruvian ingredients is referred to as chifa.

Popular drinks: The national drink is the pisco sour (a blend of the pisco spirit with lemon juice and egg white). Beer is also very popular in Peru and there are a number of good brands.

National music: There is a rich tradition of folk music and dance.

Famous Peruvians: Mario Vargas Llosa (writer).

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