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Galápagos Islands travel guide

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Galápagos Islands - The Galapagos are an isolated archipelago of 18 volcanic islands strung along the line of the equator some 900km off the coast of Ecuador. The islands, and the waters surrounding them, are a designated national park and the whole region is home to an amazing array of endemic wildlife. During his 1835 visit, the young Charles Darwin observed how animals and birds of the same species had developed differently on the different islands. It was based on this information that Darwin developed his theory of evolution.

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The wildlife – Exploring the Galapagos is all about seeing its incredible wildlife. From blue footed birds to giant, prehistoric-looking red and yellow iguanas, the range of wildlife you will encounter on the islands is captivating. Given that the animals have not developed an instinctive fear of man, they are mostly unfazed by human presence and it is possible to get very close.

The volcanic terrain -   The volcanic eruptions and land shifts over time have created some interesting rock formations on the islands. One such phenomena is a series of long, underground tunnels, or lava tubes, found on Santa Cruz Island.

Post Office Bay – During the 18th century, the whalers who frequently passed through the Galapagos Isles set up a rudimentary ‘post office’ on Floreana Island in the form of a simple barrel placed on the beach.  The sailors would leave their messages in the barrel and sort through to see if they could deliver any of the others along their route - the tradition continues to this day.

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