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Brazil travel guide

Population: Approximately 190 million.

Size : 8,514,877 km2 (the 5th largest country in the world).

Capital City: Brasília (though São Paulo is the largest city by far).

Languages: Portuguese, plus around 80 indigenous languages.

Famous for: Football, samba, capoeira and carnival.

Popular cuisine: Brazil’s cuisine is heavily influenced by African cooking styles and ingredients, especially so in Bahia to the north. Common meals are meat with rice, beans and farofa (maize flour mixed with onions, meat or fruit).The Feijoada (a heavy bean and sausage stew) is a popular dish traditionally served on weekends.

Popular drinks: Ice cold beers and caipirinhas (the national spirit, cachaca, shaken with lime, sugar and ice).

National music: Samba, bossa nova and forró.

Famous Brazilians: Edison Arantes do Nascimento, otherwise known as Pele (soccer player), Ronaldinho (soccer player), Paolo Coelho (writer) and Caetano Veloso (musician).

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