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Argentina travel guide

Population:  Approximately 40,200,000.

Size:  2,766,890 km2 (the 8th largest country in the world).

Capital city: Buenos Aires.

Languages: Spanish, plus fifteen indigenous languages, along with a little German and Welsh.

Famous for: Football, tango and steak.

Popular cuisine: Beef, pure and simple. The asado (an outdoor BBQ grill) is an integral part of Argentine culture, as well as providing the staple diet of prime Argentine beef. In the south lamb often takes the place of beef and in the north traditional Andean influences can be seen. Empanadas (a crumbly pastry case stuffed with combinations of meat, cheese and vegetables) are popular throughout the country.

Popular drinks: Red wine (especially malbec), Fernet Branca and Quilmes beer. Mate (a bitter hot, herb drink drunk through a straw from a gourd) is also an integral part of Argentine culture and is shared between friends and strangers right across the country.

National music: Tango, folkloric, rock. 

Famous Argentines: Evita (politician), Maradona (soccer player) and Che Guevara (revolutionary).

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