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Hello there! Allow us to introduce ourselves.


We're a great blend of North Americans, South Americans, and Europeans all mixed together into one unstoppable group of travel industry wizards. Our six offices across Latin America America and the U.S. allow us to be in the destinations we offer, while still staying connected to home. We feel our locations are essential in passing on that local, insider knowledge for which we're famous. Our excursions are the ones we take ourselves and our hotels are where we spoil our visiting mamas.

The reason to book with CAT, however, is that we don't just book hotels and flights. We work to create those experiences that are important to you. They're the reasons why you travel. Whether it's seeing what you're made of while crossing the Patagonia mountain landscapes, watching your child's face light up when they see Machu Picchu, or maybe just working your way through a whole continent of mouthwatering food - these reasons are why you remained slightly changed afterwards. It's that memory, knowledge or self-accomplishment that stays with you forever. Just how do we pull this off? Well, glad you asked. We have…

- 15 Years of experience touring visitors across the continent
- 160,000+ Happy travelers that act as great references
- 1st Hand, local recommendations to the sights, sounds and flavors in your destinations
- Personalized tours - see a tour you'd like to tweak? Great! We'll tailor it to your needs.
- Knowledgeable, punctual, English speaking guides
- A worry-free planning process - just pick your destinations and pack your bags
- Custom Departure Dates – it’s all about your schedule, no big group departures

Meet your Central and South America Travel Specialists


Central and South America Specialists

  • Marc Harrison
  • Marc Harrison Proud Owner & Team Leader

    Marc Harrison is Class Adventure Travel’s Team Leader, overseeing the CAT Travel destination specialists right across South America. Originally from Austin, Texas, he has spent the past ten years working his way down through Latin America, exploring nearly all of the countries in the region along the way. His career in the travel industry began in Peru, living in both Lima and Cusco for a couple of years each. He is now based out of beautiful Buenos Aires where he spends much of his time enjoying the capital’s many restaurants. He continues to travel as much as possible, along with his dog Shelby, and always finds time to take a break in Brazil, especially in his favorite city, Rio de Janeiro.

    Favorite Tours : The Best of Brazil, The Best of South America
    Favorite Hotels : Design Suites (Bariloche), Refugio Caiman (The Pantanal)
    Favorite Destinations : Rio de Janeiro, Iguazú Falls, Cusco
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  • Sarah Page Maxwell
  • Sarah Page Maxwell Customer Care & Travel Supervisor

    Sarah Page has always loved to travel, which is why she found herself uprooting her previous life in the United States to purse that wanderlust in South America. After some time honing her travel skills around Chile, Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil, she chose to settle in the lovely Buenos Aires. Sarah Page took some time to get to know the city and it's people teaching English for a while, and then found a home at CAT coordinating trips for all you lucky people! In her spare time you can find her eating and cooking her way through the city or, conversely, at a yoga class.

    Favorite Tours : Salvador and the Beauty of Bahia, Highlights of Southern Chile and Argentina, Amazon Rio and Iguazu Falls
    Favorite Hotels : Explora (Torres del Paine), Hotel Natura (Peulla), Casa Mosquito Boutique Hotel (Rio de Janeiro)
    Favorite Destinations : Morro de Sao Paulo, Chapada Diamantina, Rio de Janiero, Patagonia
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  • Alex Radkte
  • Alex Radtke Central & South America Travel Specialist

    While Alex will always feel a close connection to the grand old state of Texas, she knew early on that travel was her passion and purpose. That’s why she headed off to school at American University in Washington, DC to study International Relations. She wanted to travel the world and still does, but her passion became a little more focused once she studied abroad in Costa Rica for a year. Nothing like pura vida, tropical beaches and volcanoes in the distance to make an impression. Since then she’s fallen even more deeply in love with the region by traveling to Peru, Brazil and Panama to visit friends. Now,soaking up the glorious food and culture of Buenos Aires has also given her the chance to further her travels in South America. Latin America is where her heart is and she loves sharing that passion with CAT clients.

    Favorite Tours : The Best of Costa Rica, Honeymoon in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Beach and Jungle Retreat
    Favorite Hotels : The Springs Resort & Spa (Arenal), Samara Pacific Lodge (Nicoya Peninsula), Hacuenda Gauchipelin (Rincon de la Vieja)
    Favorite Destinations : Nicoya Peninsula, Tortuguero & Arenal volcano surroundings
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  • Juan Pablo South America Travel Specialist

    Born and raised in Lima, Peru, JP grew up studying at a German high school and later went on to enroll at Purdue University in the United States where he earned a degree in economics. After graduation JP returned to Peru and traveled extensively around his home country and the entire continent. He has been involved in the travel industry ever since. Being an economist and an adventurer JP is passionate about development opportunities in Latin America, and strongly believes that travel and tourism can be a major force for good in this process. He is fluent in English, German and Spanish, which allows him to share his passion with people from all over the world. His main hobby is to watch and play sports, especially tennis and soccer, and he never passes up the opportunity for a kick about while on his travels around South America. His dream is to one day see the Peruvian national team play in the World Cup.

    Favorite Tours : The Peruvian Odyssey, The Ancient Kingdoms of Peru
    Favorite Hotels : Casa San Blas, Casa Andina Private Collection
    Favorite Destinations : The Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Buenos Aires
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  • Laryssa Toroshenko
  • Laryssa Toroshenko South America Travel Specialist

    As CAT’s only Canadian team member, Laryssa is proud to have bridged the Americas North to South! As a child, Laryssa developed her passion for travel by the dozens of road trips taken with her parents and younger sister in their 1988 Chevy Pacemaker van. Having seen all of Canada’s 6000kms - coast to coast - she set her sights on...the rest of world! With its incredible bio diversity and cultural variety, Laryssa has been particularly captivated by Latin America for the past 2.5 years. She spent 6 months backpacking across the continent before finally settling in the magical Argentine capital of Buenos Aires. Here she spends her days improving her Spanish, venturing into Portuguese, cooking her way through South America’s immense gastronomy and tasting every Malbec she can get her hands on! Laryssa dreams of one day making the pilgrimage back to Canada by land, exploring the flavours and rhythms of Central America along the way...

    Favorite Tours : Highlights of Argentina and Brazil, The Best of South America, Rio de Janeiro, Iguazu Falls and Machu Picchu
    Favorite Hotels : Legado Mitico, Craft BA (Buenos Aires), LOI Suites Iguazu, El MAPI, Casa San Blas (Cusco)
    Favorite Destinations : Argentina wine regions (Mendoza & Cafayate), Buenos Aires
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  • Marcos Wolff South America Travel Specialist

    Hailing from Argentina, Marcos caught the travel bug young and has explored extensively right across South America. After studying tourism at the University of Salvador, Marcos went on to organize and lead tours all over Argentina, Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Brazil and Uruguay, and he has been doing so for nigh-on ten years now. Often led by his taste buds, Marcos is passionate about food, a keen amateur chef and a fountain of knowledge on local cuisines. Wherever your trip takes you he'll have a tip or two to impart, be it an off-the-beaten-path attraction, his opinion on the the best street food in Bahia or where to find the ultimate Patagonian lamb house in Calafate. His next great passion, and one that goes well with his first, is hiking, and Marcos knows the trails of Patagonia like the back of his hand. Always the explorer and never one to sit still for long he likes to discover something new about each destination he visits, be it a recipe, a new hiking trail or a local tradition. Marcos loves meeting new people and sharing his knowledge, his recipes and his enthusiasm for his beloved South America.

    Favorite Tours : Highlights of Argentina and Brazil, Encounter Patagonia
    Favorite Hotels : Cavas Wine Lodge (Mendoza), Hotel Fueguino (Ushuaia)
    Favorite Destinations : Puerto Madryn, Peninsula Valdes, Torres del Paine
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  • Elin Granberg Sosa
  • Elin Granberg Sosa South America Travel Specialist

    Born in Mexico to a Swedish father and Uruguayan mother, Elin lived in three different continents and spoke four languages by the age of twelve. Inspired and fascinated by this global village, she studied Art History and Philosophy in Florence, followed by earning a degree in Social Theory and Documentary Media at New York University. With wanderlust naturally ingrained in her genes, she feels at home with her next trip’s ticket in hand, ready to discover new hidden gems, capture the fleeting colors of nature, get her adrenaline fix, collect spices for her kitchen and hear people’s stories from all walks of life. Propelled by her yearning to explore her favorite continent, she relocated to the vibrant city of Buenos Aires where she began her career as a Travel Specialist, sharing her passion for South America travel, from venturing off-the-beaten path on budget getaways to luxurious journeys of pampering and adventure.

    Favorite Tours : The Enchanted Isles and Machu Picchu, The Best of South America, Highlights of Argentina and Brazil
    Favorite Hotels : La Casona (Cusco), El Pueblo (Machu Picchu), Porto Bay (Rio de Janeiro)
    Favorite Destinations : Machu Picchu, Rio de Janeiro, Buenos Aires
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Class Adventure Travel's Lima, Peru office

  • Lima is a fast-moving capital city, and is home to Peru's main international airport. With nearly all international flights connecting in Lima it is the ideal location for out main Peru office. Located in Miraflores, the heart of Lima's tourist district, the office was the first Global Encounters headquarters on the continent. It is now the center for the entire Peru and Bolivia region with the office managing operations, sales, and finances.
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  • Matilde MirandaRegion Manager for Peru and Bolivia

    Born and raised in Lima, Matilde has a deep connection with Peru and neighboring Bolivia, and understands the two countries better than most. She initially studied medicine in the Dominican Republic before switching career and returning to Lima to study tourism. Matilde started out as a trainee at CAT Travel and her talents were clearly visible from the start. It wasn't long before she began to take on more and more responsibility, working her way up to Region Manager. Matilde believes that traveling is all about experience, and great travel experiences come from discovering new cultures. She loves her culture and she loves the fact that through her work she gets to share it with others. Matilde's energy and warmth make her a fantastic Region Manager and an invaluable member of the CAT Travel team.

    Favorite Tours : Colonial Arequipa, Cusco and Lake Titicaca, The Ancient Kingdoms of Peru
    Favorite Hotels : Country Club (Lima), Colca Lodge (The Colca Canyon)
    Favorite Destinations : Colca Canyon, The Inca Trail, Cusco
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Class Adventure Travel's Cusco, Peru office

  • Cusco is the historic capital of Peru and was once the seat of the ancient Inca empire. With its proximity to the Andes, the Sacred Valley and the start of the Inca Trail it is the ideal site for our regional office. The Cusco office is located in front of the impressive Korikancha - The Temple of the Sun - a short walk away from the city's central Plaza. The office manages and coordinates all tours in the region, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of all CAT clients.
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  • Rossie MezaOperations Executive - Cusco

    Rossie was born and raised in Cusco where her passion for travel and tourism started early. In 2000 she graduated as a Professional Tour Guide from the Tupac Amaru Institute, and went on to complete courses in English at the ICPNA Institute. Rossie then began giving guided group tours, her first being along the famous Inca Trail. Rossie also traveled extensively around the United States improving her knowledge of the country, as well as fortifying her English language skills. She knew that the experience would hold her in good stead for her career in tourism by helping her to communicate and share her culture with more people. Rossie continues to work as a guide as well as functioning as CAT's Operations Executive in Cusco. Rossie loves her work, her country and her culture and concentrates her efforts on providing all visitors with an unforgettable Peru travel experience.

    Favorite Tours : Adventure in Cusco - Machu Picchu and Amazon Refuge
    Favorite Hotels : Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel and Machu Picchu Sumaq
    Favorite Destinations : Machu Picchu and Cusco
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Class Adventure Travel's Argentina office

  • Argentina's capital is one of the largest urban centers on the continent and is home to nearly 13 million people. With all international flights to Argentina connecting in Buenos Aires it is the ideal location for our head office. Located close to the city center, the CAT Travel office is a hive of activity. With a friendly and dedicated team, the office manages operations, sales, and finances for Argentina and Chile.
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  • Silvina Pereiro Region Manager Argentina and Chile

    Silvina started exploring her home country, Argentina, as a child, and over the years her fascination with travel grew and she developed a passion for getting to know different places and people. After high school Silvina studied Tourism and Hotel Management in Buenos Aires and during her last year of university joined an internship program in France. Silvina says that this incredible experience gave her the chance to get to know people from all over the world, and reinforced her love for intercultural exchange and travel. Following her internship in France, Silvina worked in hotels in two of Argentina's most important travel destinations - Puerto Iguazu and Bariloche. Following her graduation she started working for an incoming tour operator in Buenos Aires where she remained for four years before joining Class Adventure Travel where her professional attitude and enthusiasm were well received. Silvina is now Class Adventure Travel's Group Manager. Silvina likes to use her spare time to travel as much as she possible, especially within her home country.

    Favorite Tours : The Buenos Aires Experience, Buenos Aires and Iguazú Falls Discovery
    Favorite Hotels : Melia Recoleta (Buenos Aires), Eolo (El Calafate)
    Favorite Destinations : Salta, Antarctica, Iguazú Falls
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Class Adventure Travel's Brazil office

  • Brazil is an incredible travel destination and the largest country in South America. Class Adventure Travel’s Brazil office is located on the glistening shores of Rio de Janeiro. With a hard-working and dynamic group of staff, the office in Rio de Janeiro controls all tours to Brazil, ensuring that itineraries run smoothly and that Class Adventure Travel continually offers the very best that this diverse country has to offer.
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  • Montserrat Neira Region Manager Brazil

    After studying to become a travel agent at Belgrano University in Buenos Aires she worked in several different areas of the travel industry from agencies and hotels to within corporate groups. Montse truly enjoys working in an industry that is undergoing constant change and its adaptation allows for continuous learning. Being in contact with people, inspiring them to learn about new destinations, and assisting them to have the best possible travel experience is just one of the highlights she has found while working in the travel industry. Montse believes that travel is one of the best investments a person can make for their personal development, providing enriching memories that one can enjoy for a lifetime. Traveling to Rio de Janeiro, Montse fell in love with the ‘Marvelous City’ and in August 2014, she made her travel freams a reality moving from the Class Adventure Travel team in Buenos Aires to become the Regional Manager in Brazil.

    Favorite Tours : Cusco and the Amazon, Buenos Aires and Iguazu Falls, Iguazu Falls and Brazil's Green Coast Beaches
    Favorite Hotels : Andean Wings Boutique, Machu Picchu Pueblo Hotel, La Cantera Iguazu, Home Hotel Buenos Aires
    Favorite Destinations : Cusco, Salta, Morro de Sao Paulo
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Class Adventure Travel's Costa Rica office

  • Nestled in the passionate Latin culture of Central America, between Nicaragua and Panama to the south, Costa Rica is a land of emerald green forests and soaring volcano peaks. The warm and tranquil diving waters of the Caribbean lie to the east, while to the west, the wilder waters of the Pacific make for a surfers’ paradise. This tropical dream of a country offers something for all types of traveler. With a small but growing team, the Costa Rica office will make sure to give all CAT travelers a taste of Costa Rica's Pura Vida.
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  • Eleonore Smits Region Manager Central America

    Born and raised in Amsterdam, the multi-cultural capital of The Netherlands, Eleonore’s fascination with getting to know different cultures and people instantly grew as she developed a great passion for travel, especially in Spanish speaking countries. At the age of fifteen, she developed a deep connection with Costa Rica, and nowadays being married to a Tico, truly loves and understands the country better than most. She studied Culture, Organization & Management in the Netherlands, but already during her studies spent most of her time in Central America. Eleonore started working in tourism as a travel guide, which made her able to work in close contact with people. After having her son, she transitioned to the Central America Regional Manager position for CAT Travel. With all of her valuable inside knowledge of the region and a good understanding of the unforgettable experience our clients seek, she is a great asset to our CAT Travel team. Her drive is to help CAT clients get the best quality and service possible and give them a real taste of that Pura Vida feeling.

    Favorite Tours : The Highlights of Costa Rica – self-drive, Honeymoon in Costa Rica, Costa Rica Beach and Jungle Retreat
    Favorite Hotels :Arenal Springs (Arenal), Borinquen Mountain Resort (Rincon de la Vieja) and El Remanso Lodge (Osa Peninsula)
    Favorite Destinations : Puerto Viejo, Rincon de la Vieja, Osa Peninsula
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